Thursday, 7 January 2010

Childrens Art Parties

Childrens Art Parties

Welcome to Art Shaman Creative Art Workshops and Childrens Art Parties. Learn how to play and experiment through the Power of Creativity. Learn more about yourself by tapping into your vast creative potential and explore colour and shape in a unique way. Working with a variety of different mediums from painting to beading, Art Shaman Workshops are guaranteed to awaken your child within. The workshops are created for both adults and children aged 8 upwards and prices include all materials.

Some of the workshops currently on offer are:

Painting Symbol Shells - Create your very own Symbol Shells.... Learn how to play and experiment through the power of Art using colour, shape & energy in a relaxed and fun environment ~ produce your very own unique painted symbol shells & keep them in a pretty
drawstring bag.

Hippy Beading - Design and Create your own Bracelets using semi-precious stones and glass beads. Learn about colour combinations and the healing properties of crystals.

Express You Painting - Experience Magical Painting in this fun workshop: connect with your ‘Inner Being’, (also known as your ‘Inner Child’ or your ‘Higher Self’) and express who you truly are through the vehicle of Art. With gentle guidance from your teacher in a fun & relaxed atmosphere you will be able to create your very own Work of Art on canvas.

Peace Stone Painting - Create your very own Peace Stones - all stones are carefully selected by Jean from the beach for this workshop. Painting your stones with all the things that make you the happiest in the form of symbols, images and words - be as creative as you wish. These magical stones will be a reflection of what makes you happy. Use the stones as your daily affirmation or just look at them to bring you peace and joy. A great personal gift idea too! Once created they are presented in a pretty drawstring bag.

Art Shaman Workshops was created by Hampshire artist Jean Dayton; her strong belief being that everyone can be creative and express themselves in a positive way. Expressing yourself is a healthy and natural state and being a ‘Creative’ herself Jean wanted to share her knowledge with others so they too can enjoy the many benefits of art & creative expression. Jean is an internationally selling artist specialising in contemporary abstract art with a strong emphasis on energy, colour & shape. Jean’s work can be found in many private & corporate collections worldwide.

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