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Art Review in Magazine

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Art for All – review of Jean Dayton’s work in AND Magazine Dec07/Jan08 issue by Lionel Maitland.

“One of the agendas for AND Magazine is to seek out and promote local talent. There are few more talented locals than Jean, whose work we first became aware of through a promotion for local artists. It simply blew us away. Our only criticism – she’s too affordable. A state, that surely can’t – if there is any justice at all – continue.” Martin

I suppose many of us take art, as in paintings, for granted. Wherever you are reading this article, I suspect you can look around you and see an artist’s work on display on a wall. Do we ask ourselves, in a restaurant for instance, why that picture, why that colour scheme, who chose it? Probably not. Taking that thought process into your own home, how do you choose what hangs on your wall? Is it a visit to a local gallery, a department store, picking out something ‘nice’?

Here’s a thought if you want something for your home, or indeed your workplace, that not only tones in with your colour schemes, but also is unique to you, and will attract admiring glances and compliments on your selection. Why not talk directly to an artist about your needs, your wishes and allow such a professional to produce for you, your own ‘work of art’. At this point, don’t be put off by any financial implication of that phrase.

There is an artist in the New Forest, Jean G Dayton, who believes passionately not only in her own art but also in incorporating her work into the design schemes of her customers. Jean produces stunning landscapes, seascapes and modern abstracts, often taking her Forest location, or the seashore at Lepe, as inspiration for her work. She loves the solitude of walking on the beach and derives great inspiration from the sea and shore. Equally she values the easy access to the New Forest and particularly in the autumn months, when the leaves provide such a range and depth of colour to inspire her work. Jean is very knowledgeable in terms of suitability of colours for particular locations. For instance, red is seen as an exciting and stimulating colour, often used in restaurants and dining rooms, where it can help sit8imulate both appetite and conversation. Orange, another warm colour is seen as having the power to stimulate movements and is a mood lifter. Consequently it is popular in a home study or in a workplace. These are just two examples. Jean will give you more colour ideas and inspirations for the information on her website

A project that Jean is currently very excited to be working on is the production of 2 large seascapes for a hotel. The larger one measures 2m x 1.2m. At this moment Jean cannot disclose the name of the hotel but promises to do so when they are hung and the details will then appear on her website. There is also growing interest in her work from the corporate and business sector. Jean will be happy to take commissions for that special picture to create a great first impression in reception or to enrich the boardroom. Recently she has been commissioned by the Waldock Art Gallery in Dublin to supply paintings for sale and that has proved so popular that repeat orders have been received.

For discerning clients who are either redecorating or redesigning the home, or are not quite sure as to what colours may work in a given environment, Jean will offer a home consultancy service, so that the end result is what the client really wants, rather than an impulse buy, which may or may not fit the bill. Jean feels strongly that financially, art should be accessible to all. A look at her website will confirm that philosophy, as a 10” x 14” original canvas could be bought from as little as just £75.

Currently with Christmas in mind she is even offering, 3 for 2 plus a 20% discount. There are winter landscape paintings, Christmas cards and gift vouchers too.

Almost all of Jean’s work is in oil paint and of course, specially commissioned pieces will cost a little more than a stock item, as time will be needed to research, understand the needs of the client and ultimately produce what will be a unique piece for the buyer. Jean sees business growing across all the areas I have mentioned above. She is expanding her supply to galleries and in addition, will be delighted to take new commissions from private buyers and also from corporate clients looking to create that sense of originality in the office.

Her website contains a host of information, many examples of her work together with prices and the opportunity to buy, should you see something you like.

“I am hugely excited about what 2008 has to offer, 2007 has been a truly fantastic year for me and I feel that my foundations in the art market have now been well and truly set.” Says Jean “I really never know what is around the corner in respect to my creativity. I just go with the flow allowing my inspirations to develop into thought and ultimately develop into a painting.”

I would certainly suggest that it is worth a few moments of anyone’s time to browse the site and top contact Jean if you would like to become the proud owner of a truly stunning and unique piece of art.

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